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Driven International Commercial

This project was a really great experience for me in many ways, and it's one of the reasons I really enjoy my freelance work with Driven Inc. My contact there always gives me just enough direction to get me going while allowing me free reign to be creative as I'd like with the overall flow of the animations. This time around my primer was just the already completed voice over from a very professional sounding voice actor with a British accent. This was a dream come true for me. I've wanted to work with a professional voice over for quite some time, but so far I've mostly just worked from pre-written scripts for typographic animations and not much by way of voice over.

I immediately latched onto the idea of the digital globe from the first couple of lines by the voice actor. "The world has gotten small, very small..." The earth in space motif works great for a company like Driven that works with companies world wide on essentially data mining in relation to corporate law cases.

To start out I used a public domain map of the earth (at a crazy 8k size) and applied CC Sphere to make the globe. I then used the Grid effect on a light blue solid to create the longitude/latitude lines surrounding the earth and applied keylight to the oceans on the earth map to create the see-through planet effect. I figured this created a digital look that fit the copy which centers around data. I then used an AE camera for the zooms and other movements.

Overall I think the effect worked well as did my client. I'm currently working on a shorter version for marketing and wishing that I had a more powerful rig right now because this thing takes a very, very... very long time to render.


See the video here